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    I've been in and out of prison countless times, even though I've never been convicted.

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    I attended different schools past compulsory education age, even though I was not a student.

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    I have over 20 years’ experience as a trainer and training coordinator, where I coordinated and delivered several training courses both locally as well as abroad.

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    I have devised several training programmes and tools, co-authored training manuals and lesson plans for secondary school students, authored publications about addictions, and delivered train the trainer courses.

About Me

I have over 20 years’ experience as a trainer and course coordinator, having coordinated and delivered soft-skills training courses and Forum Theatre and Street Theatre workshops, both locally and overseas. I also coached drama students at the National Drama Centre for two years. I have also managed several awareness and educational campaigns, on behalf of NGOs, government agencies as well as the European Commission.

For 11 years I worked as an Executive with Malta’s National Agency in the fields of addictions, namely gambling and substance abuse. For two years I worked as Research Executive within the Research Department. Later, I managed the Community-Based prevention programmes for four years, working closely with Local Councils, other public organisations and NGOs. Soon after, I was entrusted with the management of a team of peripatetic teachers for 5 years, working mainly with 11-17-year-old students. I also worked with adults, such as parents, non-formal educators, teachers, university students, nursing students, professionals, as well as prison inmates.

Furthermore, I have devised several soft-skills training programmes and tools, co-authored training manuals for PSD, Home Economics and Social Studies teachers, authored several publications about addictions aimed at students and the general public, delivered ‘train the trainer’ courses, and organised and facilitated residential weekend courses for young people.

In 1999, I was actively involved in the setting up of a European network for young people, PATH-European Youth Without Drugs, and led several preparatory meetings, held in various European countries in preparation of a European conference, which the organisation held in Reykjavík (Iceland). I served as a national coordinator, regional coordinator for the Mediterranean region, and later as the Director General of this network.

Between 1997 and 2000 I served as the Director General of the national NGO Daritama, which ran a community school for children, a community radio (Radju Kottoner), worked with prison inmates and their relatives.

Since 2008, I have been managing promotional, educational and awareness campaigns, on behalf of NGOs, government agencies, commercial companies, as well as the European Commission.

I hold a diploma in Youth Studies from the University of Malta, having presented a dissertation on young people with disability, education and employment. Currently, I am reading a Diploma in Teaching Adults.


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I have known Mr. Seychell since December 2008, when he started working with Media Consulta. Whereas OHSA’s relationship with the company prior to his engagement was often problematic, the situation improved markedly as soon as Mr. Seychell became OHSA’s contact person at Media Consulta.

I have always found him to be hard working and efficient, but also scrupulous in his attention to detail and above all conscientious in his work. He has always adopted a practical approach to any situation or problem arising, which facilitated the successful implementation of any task or project in hand.

In these last four years or so, there was never reason for concern or anything to complain about in Mr. Seychell’s work.

Dr Mark Gauci
Chief Executive Officer, Occupational Health & Safety Authority

I know Charlo as a result of my daughter winning a competition that he was in charge of (http://bit.ly/pQ5Lyy). Working with Charlo, his dedication and love for the work he does was immediately obvious. Highly results oriented, and very successful at that, managing to land radio, TV and newspaper interviews with all the major networks and publications and getting the story covered beyond anyone's expectations.

I can comfortably say that Charlo comes across as an expert and a true professional at what he does. A pleasure to work with and highly recommended for any marketing work.

Service Category: Marketing

Year hired: 2012

Top Qualities: Great Results Personable ExpertIn these last four years or so, there was never reason for concern or anything to complain about in Mr. Seychell’s work.

Ivo Camilleri
Executive Head Electronic Banking at Bank of Valletta plc

I have been working with Charlo for more than two years on awareness raising campaigns for EU institutions. Charlo has a great experience and expertise in communications field and everyone can learn from him. He pays attention to building a relationship with his co-workers and is always available for an advice and explanation.

In the day-to-day work, one can always count on a swift and extensive feedback, which, together with his positive approach, makes the cooperation with Charlo a real pleasure.

Agata Kwiek
Senior Account Manager, Media Consulta International Holdings (Berlin, Germany)

I have known Charlo for nearly 4 years and he was always a pleasure to work with albeit in different departments. He is a team player and always ready to take on responsibilities even outside his department. He has a keen eye for proofreading, an expert in Maltese translation and proficient user of Microsoft tools, not to mention event organiser.

Miriam Sargent
Administrative Assistant at MAS Communications
worked with Charlo at Media Consulta Malta

Charlo is a very good colleague, we organised training sessions in the past and it was a true pleasure. I admire especially his integrity and professionalism. He is also very keen for innovation and learning new things. He is trustworthy and fun. Hope one day we work together again.

Anita Silva
Freelance Trainer and Coach.
Certified Trainer (CAP no EDF 23648/2001)
worked directly with Charlo at MAIS / PATH

Charlo is a determined, organised, enthusiastic and hard working colleague. I had the pleasure to work with him and get to know him better, he is always there to cheer everyone up and to find practical solutions for everyday issues. I wish him all the best for the future.

Neville Demicoli
Web Developer, Media Consulta)
worked with Charlo at Media Consulta Malta

Charlo is a well-organised, resourceful, quick and agile PR Executive. He has demonstrated a long-term ability to deal with the media and to handle PR activities of any kind. He is results-oriented and highly communicative. He is a very competent PR professional and a valuable partner.

Olga Marinea
International PR Junior Consultant, Media Consulta International Holdings (Berlin, Germany)

Charlo's excellent communication skills and dedication were evident from the very first week in which I joined the MC team. His approach to work was always very practical and meticulous, and I would highly recommend him, both as a team worker, and to ensure the quality of documents or press releases before publication.

Miriam Gauci
Translation Project Executive, Media Consulta Malta
worked with Charlo at Media Consulta Malta

While working on pan-European communication campaigns for various DGs of the European Commission during my work at Media Consulta, Charlo has proven to be a reliable, motivated and results-oriented professional. He has worked relentlessly and with enthusiasm on challenging assignments under considerable stress and constraints. At the beginning, I was stunned by his endless curiosity and great dynamism. I consider these qualities as a tremendous gift. I have throughout enjoyed working with Charlo and would gladly recommend him for similar jobs in the future.

Chiara Mazzetti
PR Consultant - Project Manager - New business coordinator, MEDIA CONSULTA International Holding AG (Berlin, Germany)

Charlo you are a highly skilled and committed trainer. I wish you the best of luck on this venture.

Charles Tabone
PSD Teacher
worked directly with Charlo at sedqa


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About Malta

There is no area in the world the size of Malta, one of the smallest nations with a mere total area of 316 sq km, that is so rich in heritage and culture. The origin of Maltese history goes back to some 5,000 years BC. The temples at Ħagar Qim, Mnajdra, Ġgantija, and the Hypogeum, as well as others across the islands, can be dated back as far as 3,600 BC, preceding even Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt by some 1,000 years.

It is believed that the name Malta originated from the Phoenician word Maleth, meaning refuge. The Phoenicians, traders and seafarers who sailed their ships along the shores of the Mediterranean, settled in Malta. Conceivably, the roots of the Maltese language derive from this Phoenician period. The Phoenicians also introduced glass making and weaving.

The islands’ 7,000 year history has seen a succession of foreign conquerors ruling the island: the Greeks, the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Roman empire, the Byzantines, the Normans, the Arabs, the Swabians (Germans), the Angevins (French), the Aragonese (Spanish), the Knights of St. John, the French and the British.

Some milestones in the Maltese history:

  • The arrival of St. Paul in 60 AD. He became shipwrecked on the Maltese coast (Acts 28). According to tradition, St. Paul converted the Maltese to Christianity.
  • The Great Siege in 1565. A great victory for Malta and the Order achieved against the Ottoman Empire.
  • The Founding of Valletta in 1566. The first stone of Malta’s capital city, Valletta, is laid.
  • Award of George Cross to Malta in 1942. “To bear witness to this heroism and devotion that will long be famous in history”, King George VI awarded the George Cross to the people of Malta.
  • Malta becomes inpenedent in 1964. Malta becomes a Sovereign and Independent state within the Commonwealth. During the same year Malta joins the United Nations.
  • Malta becomes a Republic in 1974. The constitution of Malta was substantially amended, transforming the former British colony from a Commonwealth Realm into a republic within the Commonwealth.
  • Last British services leave Malta in 1979. Expiry of the Military Agreement between Malta and the United Kingdom. The British forces leave the island.
  • Malta joins the European Union in 2004. Malta becomes a member of the European Union alongside nine other Easter European and Mediterranean countries.
  • Malta adopts the euro as its national currency in 2008. The new currency replaced the Maltese Lira.

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